• Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party in Vegas!

    Posted: Dec 19 2014

    Planning A Bachelor Party In Las Vegas   So you're planning a bachelor party in Vegas… You’ve finalized the party guest list, booked the hotel rooms, and now you’re checking out the plethora of activities that Vegas has to offer.With so much to do in such a short period of time, where do you start?  Men's Health and have compiled a great list of tips and ideas, no matter the budget!We might be biased since we are one of the top-rated bachelor party activities in Las Vegas, but don't take our word for it! Our Brass & Ass Bachelor Party Package, is a bachelor’s favorite! With transportation included, shoot some of the most iconic firearms and then go party at Sapphire Gentleman's Club with the first drink on us! The best part about our Bachelor Party Package is that it doesn't require more than an hour to shoot. Do something memorable and...
  • Insider's Edition: Vegas!

    Posted: Sep 19 2014

    Are you ready for Vegas, or is Vegas ready for YOU? A trip with your loved one, best pals or even on a solo business trip can be a huge adventure and an unforgettable experience. Forget all the things you may have heard from stuffy guidebooks and askew review sites – we will offer the best tips, tricks and recommendations for a Las Vegas trip for an insider’s point of view.   A Little Bit Of History As the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas is also one of the most famous and iconic cities around. For a place only established a century ago, it now stands as a glamorous and alluring destination for global travelers looking to have a fantastic time. Vegas is also known as “Sin City” for its plethora of indulgences, such as casinos, strip clubs, lounges, buffets and much more. Fun fact: The four miles...
  • Quick Draw Poker

    Posted: Sep 10 2014

        There is nothing more uniquely Vegas than a little gambling. Machine Guns Vegas is upping the traditional card game with some firepower at the legendary Las Vegas gun range!     Try your hand at Quick Draw Poker for a chance to win $500 in prizes    With a Taurus .22. Revolver shoot seven rounds to make the best hand on 5 cards.  Each week we will announce the finalists on our blog and the best hand at the end of the month wins!    Prizes to choose from:   - Amazon $500 Gift Certificate   - Pay-Pal $500 Gift Certificate   - Machine Guns Vegas Package – Full Auto   - Maverick Grand Canyon Adventure   - Exotics Racing 7 Laps Ferrari or Lamborghini   Please note: this is an add-on only and can only be purchased in addition to other package!      Jesus Martinez shot a Two Pair   ...
  • My First Time On A Gun Range!

    Posted: Jun 05 2014

    When I first started working for Machine Guns Vegas I had no idea what to think.  I’m not a gun enthusiast, nor am I opposed to guns, but I never thought I would be marketing a shooting experience. But I gave it a shot... No pun intended.   At first I thought, "Machine Guns, a typical dingy mom-and-pop gun range?" My assumptions could not have been more off. MGV is a high-end shooting facility built for and catering to tourists from all over the world. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world with nearly forty million visitors per year, many of whom come from countries or states where guns are strictly prohibited. Being that Las Vegas is the entertainment city we have combined the Vegas club atmosphere with a high end shooting experience. So what does that mean?   Upon arrival at MGV, you are welcomed by beautiful,...

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