• The Femme Fatale Experience
  • The Femme Fatale Experience

The Femme Fatale Experience

Free Transportation with reservation!

$ 110.00

femme fatale shooting range experienceLadies, are you feeling a little power hungry? Do you want to show the men in your lives who’s boss? You don’t have to tell MGV—we already know who runs the world. Whether you’re interested in gaining a little confidence, or want to show ‘em how it’s done, stop by Machine Guns Vegas when you’re in town. With our Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience, you’ll be able to experience brain-rattling, pulse-pounding exhilaration. We’re confident that you’ll be more of a badass than you ever expected!

First Timer? That’s Okay

Whether you’re a pro or first time shooter, we have a wild ride waiting for you at Machine Guns Vegas. Our indoor shooting range is unlike any other, combining impeccable safety measures with a one-of-a-kind repertoire of infamous firearms that you won’t see anywhere else. To make sure that every individual who walks into our facility is safe and sound, we keep a one-on-one safety officer on hand for every individual in the range.

The Firearms of the Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience

With our Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience, you’ll get equipped with some real firepower. Your package will include:

  • The M4 a shoulder-fired firearm that is sure to make your body quake. To experience everything this iconic firearm can dish out, try it out at our range today!
  • The HK MP5 is a submachine gun used by intelligence agencies—so get ready to play spy. Feel the jolt of each round as you obliterate your target.
  • The Glock 17, which is one of the most famous pistols in the world. Do we need to say any more?


Still Haven’t Had Enough? Extend Your Package!

M249 SAW

At Machine Guns Vegas, we promise to give you the experience of a lifetime—and we know that once you pick up your first big-girl gun, you won’t want to put it down. While you can always come back for another go of our Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience, we don’t want you to have to hold off for another day.

If you still haven’t had enough after our standard Femme Fatale shooting experience, take it up a notch. For an extra $100, you can add on the M249 SAW. With this lightweight machine gun, you can finish off your night with a bang.

Make Your Reservation Today!

If you make your reservation for our Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience today, you’ll even receive free transportation to and from our facility, which is located right next to the Strip. Chat with us at +1 (800) 757-4668 or email us your reservation at reservations@mgvegas.com.


Your Machine Guns Vegas shoot includes:

  • Free transportation to and from MGV with reservation
  • Shoot the M4, HK MP5, and the Glock 17
  • Add on the M249 SAW for $100.00